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From Piris with love

Dolce Vita Hotel Jagdhof

The host family introduces itself

There are not many hotels in South Tyrol that are as authentic, personal, and unavoidably connected to their hosts
as our DolceVita Hotel Jagdhof. The Piris - as we are affectionately called by our friends and guests - completely flourish
in our profession! Oh yes, being a host is not a job for us, but rather our passion, because we love what we do.
Our passions are reflected throughout the house, in all our activities.

From Piris with love
From Piris with love
Familiy is everything
and it only works together!

Piri Piri

You're probably wondering where the name "Piri" comes from, aren't you? Piri is a nickname and is derived from the surname Pirhofer. Even as a child, everyone called Martin Piri, and he later became known by this name as a bike guide.
As you've already read, we're passionate about our job and keen to have a cool time with our guests - it just so happens that PiriPiri is a chilli pepper from Argentina and is one of the hottest in the world...if that doesn't fit!

And here is a first

From Piris with love

Martin Piri

It's no wonder that the Hotel Jagdhof in Latsch is a member of the BikeHotels Südtirol association and one of the best hotels in South Tyrol specialising in mountain biking.

However, biking alone is not enough for Martin: being outdoors, whether on foot or on two wheels, is his thing. As a guest, you notice that immediately. He knows every tree and stone by name and gives the best tour tips ever, whether for hiking, biking, or simply for an excursion tip. Where do most of the tours start?

Of course, directly at the hotel!

Ruth Piri

She definitely has fire under her butt! When she's not working at the Jagdhof on decorations and ambience, you can meet her with her guests on one of the most beautiful golf courses or out and about as a passionate jogger.

From Piris with love

And then there are the youngsters!

We - the two juniors - provide a breath of fresh air. Even as children, we enjoyed being in the hotel with guests and together with our staff. Our parents have constantly invested in our house and have always pushed it forward. Now it's our turn to give them back everything they made possible, and we are full of euphoria.

From Piris with love

Hannes Piri

Here at the Jagdhof, Junior Hannes, of all people, is the guru when it comes to wine and has a flair for other good drops. He also discovered his passion for biking a year ago and takes you on the coolest trails around our bike hotel in the Venosta Valley during his breaks. Always friendly, always funny, and up for any nonsense, he immediately makes all guests feel at home. Fancy for a taste?

From Piris with love

Julian Piri

He is the hotel's marketing boss and is responsible for the hotel's social media channels and reception. Together with his team, he reads every wish from your eyes and makes sure that your holiday with us is an unforgettable memory. He is always in a good mood in the hotel, has style, taste, and a great sense of humour.

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Dolce Vita Hotel Jagdhof

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