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Dolce Vita Hotel Jagdhof
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Precious feedback!

What our guests say about the Jagdhof

Hotel reviews are good, very good in fact. They are honest, meaningful and they help holiday seekers decide on the right hotel.
Read what our guests say about their stay with us at the Sport & Spa DolceVita Hotel Jagdhof here! It is a pleasure every day to read through each individual evaluation together and realise that it really is worth giving everything for your job and being passionate about it.

Reviewed by 5 guests on 3 portals in the last 12 months


Sebastian Beutet on 21.10.2023

Super Service minded Hotel. It is very gemütlich and Personal.

Caroline Korsten on 19.09.2023


Jan Sklenicka on 18.08.2023

Relaxing wish we had more time.

Adrian Arechiga on 05.08.2023

👍👍👌🏼👌🏼 Our Special compliments to Hannes and the Kitchen staff because they never make any mistake with allergies.

Rocco Van Loenhout on 28.07.2023

👍👌😀 Liv: good Food good mood!

Rocco Van Loenhout on 01.01.2023

Exactly what we hoped for! Possibly the frendliest and genuinly happiest staff we have ever encountered❤️

Hana Holloway on 21.10.2022

Very relaxing and enjoyable. We enjoyed it enough we will Share our positive experiences with Friends and colleagues and will Not hesitate to recommend DV Jagdhof. If and when we visit SudTirol again we would Love to stay again at DV Jagdhof

Andrew James on 08.10.2022

Relaxing, welcoming and Perfect!

Lieveke van Hoof on 17.08.2022


Jan karel Van hoof on 17.08.2022

Dear ALL We have had one of our best summer hollidays in Italy. The Hotel is so nice. From arriving to the Hotel and durring our stay the whole staff have been fabulous. Everybody is so kind and very frindly. We are sure we will come back next year 😍😍😍 Best regards from Fam. Boll

Mads Boll on 04.08.2022

Very relaxing

Corinna Flury on 15.05.2022

Relaxing, easy, no Problems. Totally lovely! All the best! All the best, Family Lungren

Lundgren Marcus on 23.04.2022


Olinda Quimtama Talciani on 11.04.2022

Very good

Ruben Pulido on 11.04.2022

Sehr gut. Aktiv und erholsam.

Martina Stichaner on 12.11.2021

Very relaxing and recharging! We immediately felt at ease. We will come back for sure!!🥰☺️😊 One area for improvement is having the option to get a room not under a family with noisy kids would be super. 👍

Lindy Holland on 17.10.2021

One of the best Holiday we ever had! We would Love to come back!

Lieveke van Hoof on 14.08.2021

Excellent at all levels !

Evelyn Kuah on 02.08.2021

Very memorable and enjoyable. Thanks also forthe Gartenfest

Mary Mannion on 30.07.2021

Vom ersten Augenblick schön und ein Wohlfühlambiente.

Jürgen Dippel on 20.07.2021

Great and the friendlyness of the staff was exceptional. The personal approach was very good.

Johan De Kruif on 28.05.2021

Großartig 😁

Sonja Still on 03.08.2020

Liv: good 👍🏊‍♀️ Tibeau: very good😃🚵🏼‍♀️ Rocco and Olivia: too short 🧗‍♀️

Rocco Van Loenhout on 25.07.2020

It was a good alternative; we like the nature and wellness; a good Balance; and really enjoyed the overall dining …but sometimes i was not being asked if things are ok; i feel i am only secondary …

Wendy Suter on 21.07.2020

Very nice accomodation with friendly staff and Great amenities.

Yves Van Mulders on 30.10.2019

Very relaxing and sportiv

Rocco Van Loenhout on 04.08.2019

Love it! So Personal and definitely will Return.

Mary Mannion on 13.07.2019

Very relaxing few days . Only criticism - : Wine prices excellent - Pity the price for tapwater is so high ,!

Claire Ulrich on 04.06.2019


Hans–Peter Gerber on 23.09.2018

It was a very Pleasant stay in a Great Hotel and landscape

Isabelle Tison on 01.07.2018

Excellent, rlaxing,Classy.

Andrzej Dembicki on 01.07.2018

Frau W. aus Belvaux am 15.05.2017:


Charl Bester on 02.09.2016

Ideal, lovely, superb staff and warm Family

Scott Roberts on 02.09.2016

Overall good. Thank you!

Yean Sin Lim on 17.08.2016


Karianne Wasenden on 08.07.2016

Great. Perfect for our Familie Lots of activitie and beautiful scenaries. Real fün MTB with Mattias

Hakon Bakkevig on 08.07.2016

Very good, Too Short!

Cavagna July on 30.07.2015

Perfect, we are very satisfied and will be back in the Future :-)

Michael Rying on 18.07.2015

Frau M. aus Wangs am 13.04.2015:

Frau E. aus Düsseldorf am 13.04.2015:

Herr G. aus Steinmaur am 08.04.2015:

Familie T. aus Balsthal am 07.04.2015:

Frau P. aus Dietfurt am 04.04.2015:

Sig.ra B. aus Arosio am 23.03.2015:

Herr V. aus REHBURG-LOCCUM am 14.03.2015:

Sig.ra F. aus Arco am 13.01.2015:

Sig.ra F. aus Arco am 13.01.2015:

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Dolce Vita Hotel Jagdhof

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