Race biking through Latsch

Race bike tours

Biking through the valley and up the mountains

Race bike tours

Race bike touring as far as you can see – this is what you can expect during your vacation in race bike Hotel Jagdhof in Latsch.

Bike around the valley bike paths or bike up the demanding tours to the legendary Stilfserjoch or Reschensee: You will find all tracks in our race bike database free of charge – as well as Garmin GPS equipment!

Nevertheless, your host Martin Pirhofer of Race bike hotel Jagdhof will give you tips and show you tricks and also join you on one or the other tour.

  Distance Altitude Riding time Difficulty
Etschtalrunde 73 km 368 m 2:30 h
Latsch Etschtalrunde– Lang 120 km 568 m 4:30 h
Latsch– Terlan 82 km 470 m 3:00 h
Kleine Vinschgauer Runde 56 km 598 m 2:30 h
Latsch Kalterer See Tour 130 km 983 m 5:00 h
Latsch– Meraner Panorama– Tour 93 km 872 m 3:30 h
Latsch Montiggler See 114 km 844 m 4:30 h
Latsch– Tanasrunde 67 km 844 m 3:00 h
Latsch– Schnalstal 59 km 1.682 m 3:00 h
Latsch– Martelltal 50.5 km 1.590 m 3:00 h
Kleine Dolomitenrunde 74 km 1.573 m 3:00 h
Latsch– Ultental 116.3 km 1.714 m 4:30 h
Latsch– Gampenpass 175.5 km 1.796 m 5:00 h
Latsch– Tschöggelbergrunde 108 km 2.038 m 4:00 h
Latsch Stilfser Joch 97 km 2.302 m 3:00 h
Guests of our Hotel Jagdhof will enjoy many specials


  • breakfast buffet `from` 7:30 am until 10:30 am, by request until 2:00 pm for people who like to sleep late

Afternoon buffet

  • Food and cakes buffet `from` 2:30 pm until 5:00 pm

Gourmet dinner

  • daily 6 to 8 courses gourmet dinner
+ lactose free and gluten free meals

Jagdhof services

  • Welcome Prosecco on our sundeck
  • Bowl of apples `from` the area in  every room
  • 3 Dolce Vita scooters to use
  • Dolce Vita convertible car to rent (for a low price)
  • Computer in the lobby to use for free

Jagdhof Plus-services

+ 4 different mattress toppers to choose from
+ 14 different pillows to choose `from` for a better sleep

Jagdhof bike-service

  • Security: video-monitored bike garage
  • Tools and repair corner in the hotel
  • Energy drinks and energy bars for free
  • Bike washing place and sports clothing laundry for free
  • High-quality testing material
  • Hotel-own iPads with tour data and GPS to lend for free

Jagdhof Plus-services

+ guided tours and competent consulting
+ free entrance to South Tyrols first bike park
+ Free rental of MAXX-mountain-bikes

Jagdhof hiking services

  • Rental of hiking backpacks
  • Bottles with MAXIM energy drink and energy bars
  • Hiking maps with 70 tips for touring at the service point
  • Hotel-own shop with Top Brands

Jagdhof plus services

+ 5 guided tours per week
+ exclusive advice `from` your hosts
+ activity test center with modern products to lend

Jagdhof running services

  • Jagdhof activity program
  • Leki-drinking belt and MAXIM energy drink
  • Hotel-own shop with Top Brands

Jagdhof plus services

+ 3 times per week jogging with host Ruth Pirhofer
+ activity test center with modern products to lend

Jagdhof fitness services

  • Hotel-own fitness room
  • With high-quality Technogym devices
  • Diversing weekly activity program

Jagdhof plus services

+ Morning exercises
+ Fitness advisory
+ Theraband workout

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